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Barren Rocks Reminiscences 2022

The journey began from the mid-19th century when Hong Kong was at its critical point of fate, with postcards featuring the iconic scenery of the Victoria Harbour. While all human traces were removed to visualise the Barren Rocks from 1840s to date, more than one hundred number of little magical creatures were made from pieces cut out from the postcards. Spans from the macro lens of the landscape images found in postcards to the profound personal experiences associated with the place.

“Just as the old post cards do not depict the Barren Rock as it was, but a different city which, by chance was called Barren Rock, like this one.”

From postcards to fragments, transformed to unidentifiable magical creatures. Finally vanished and leaving only traces of their once existences in the Barren Rocks.

Draws on the intricate relationships between information we access about history in the public realm, inquiring the form of representation about a place and intentions of such.

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